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Peep Nerds in a Beer Hot Tub

Peep Nerds in a Beer Hot Tub

If you know what this means:

<#include stdio.h>

then you’re qualified to have this drink. You also probably have a long beard and think a great way to spend a Saturday night is with your nose buried in a thick instruction manual for some kind of computer equipment that has a lot of blinking lights and noisy fans. In other words, you’re our kind of people!

Stop blogging about why one distribution of Linux is subtly better than another, (ahem “orders of magnitude” better than another), and chill out with a few of your favorite peeps. You know, soak the toes. Kick back a few brews. Lose the clothes and hang out with a few friends, just to see what happens.

(pssst! In case you think we’re “hatin'” on ya, here’s our nerd cred: We posted this message on “Pi Day“, March 14th… at 3:14:15pm… we’re on your side!)

Much love, from the Editor

Abbey Peep

Abbey Peep

This beer has been through a lot. The Leffe abbey got its start in 1152 in Belgium. Since then, it was destroyed by flood in 1460. Burned down by a fire in 1466. Damaged by a passing army in 1735. Abandoned in the wake of the French Revolution of 1794… and after restarting in 1902 it recently suffered the greatest disgrace of all: It’s now Budweiser.

That’s right, it partnered with yuppie-friendly but still-actually-Belgian Stella Artois, and it is bottled and distributed by American shame-of-the-beers Anheuser-Busch.

Sad times for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship… and small solace, to know that the original abbey still receives royalties. One more great institution sold out. <sigh> In times like these, there’s only one thing we can think to do:

  • dress a peep in the finest monastic garb
  • garnish a snifter of fine abbey ale
  • consume like a fraternity pledge!