About PeepDrinks.com

PeepDrinks.com - all about Marshmallow Peeps and Alcohol!Ok, so here’s the story:

Back sometime around 2005 or 2006, I was having a late-night party at my place with a bunch of friends… and somehow we got to talking about two things we all liked: Marshmallow Peeps, and Booze.

To be more precise, about half the people there liked peeps… but all liked booze, since it was well past the witching hour when this conversation took place.

Anywho, one thing led to another and the “pro-peep” contingent outnumbered the “anti-peep” guests… And it wasn’t long before someone asked the prescient question:

We like drinks, and we like peeps… How come we never see them together?

Soon after, I checked a domain registration service and discovered that “peepdrinks.com” was available!  Long story short, two hours later there was a full website online…

Amazing, the power of collaboration.  In only two hours, a bunch of drunk people were able to completely abuse my glassware and liquor cabinet, and we had a dozen peep-related drinks posted online.

Each was lovingly (or drunkenly) mixed, taste-tested, photographed, and uploaded — complete with recipes — in less than two hours.

From that point, the discussion goes in two directions… One relates to our plans for Search Engine Optimization, and the other relates to a great secret of Press and Publicity for niche startups… Want to read more about this crazy story?

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