Getting Publicity

So… that very first night in 2006, when we finished the first edition of the website, two thoughts rippled through the room. First: We were proud of our ridiculous concoction. Second: We wondered, “how can we get people to see this work we just completed?”

We knew it would occasionally come up in search engines — but only if someone searches for “peep drinks”! Who would ever do that, since our site was a new idea?

“Well,” one of us said, “what gets the most traffic on the internet?”

… moment of silence …

“Porn,” we all answered in unison, followed by a big laugh. We joked about domain names, and when we saw that was available — we registered it immediately.

“But we’re not pornographers — we don’t want to be pornographers, and we certainly don’t know anything about that industry.” Everyone started talking at once, ideas colliding, levels of frustration rising. Until over the voices of everyone, one of the two female voices in the room spoke up. Nobody heard what she said, but the men went silent.

“What was that?” someone asked.

“I said, I’ll do it,” the woman offered. “I’ll pose nude in erotic peep-themed photos, to promote the website, but on one condition.” She had everyone’s undivided attention. “I won’t be the only woman doing this idiocy. There have to be at least three. If you can get another two women to agree, then I’ll be one of your peep models.”

The other woman in the room said no, but one out of two isn’t bad! We figured “how hard could it be” to get women to agree to take their clothes off and pose in provocative photos to promote a website about marshmallow peeps and alcohol?

Not so easy.

After a month of dirty looks and quite a few angry glares, maybe even a near-altercation with an offended boyfriend, we gave up on trying to recruit sexy peep models. But we do still have the teaser photo! Teaser 2006 (from the vintage website) Teaser 2006 (from the vintage website)