Abbey Peep

Abbey Peep

This beer has been through a lot. The Leffe abbey got its start in 1152 in Belgium. Since then, it was destroyed by flood in 1460. Burned down by a fire in 1466. Damaged by a passing army in 1735. Abandoned in the wake of the French Revolution of 1794… and after restarting in 1902 it recently suffered the greatest disgrace of all: It’s now Budweiser.

That’s right, it partnered with yuppie-friendly but still-actually-Belgian Stella Artois, and it is bottled and distributed by American shame-of-the-beers Anheuser-Busch.

Sad times for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship… and small solace, to know that the original abbey still receives royalties. One more great institution sold out. <sigh> In times like these, there’s only one thing we can think to do:

  • dress a peep in the finest monastic garb
  • garnish a snifter of fine abbey ale
  • consume like a fraternity pledge!

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