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Poo Emoji taking the world by storm!

Un-peep-lievable… An explosion of emoji popularity has been one of the hallmarks of 2016, and the “Poo Emoji” is one of the most surprising “break-out” stars. But we didn’t think it would make its way around to our neck of the woods. We were wrong!

Check out this outrageous story from Laughing Squid!

Poop Peeps? No Way!

Poop Peeps? No Way!

Plushie Peeps (“A Peep Show for You”)

Fellow peepfanatic NoLaGrrlNYC contributed this fun link… not exactly peeps with drinks, but plushiepeeps in all different situations… truly inspired :)

And since you are a peep-natic or peepophile or whatever the term would be, you may enjoy the shots a friend took of the plushie peeps I sent her this year at

And you can follow NoLaGrrl at:

Not Just a Mommy

Thanks to Dawn Smith, for the photo collage and mention on her blog “Not Just a Mommy – in can’t be just about the kids”!

Peep Costume on Amazon

Can’t very well serve PeepDrinks without the right outfit, can you?!

Blood Bath and Beyond

Awesome, I haven’t seen that before.

In other news, real men drink peep.


What better way to wash down all these sweet, sweet, items than with a sweet, sweet, drink. Yes, someone out there has invented drinks with peeps. Why? Who knows, probably on a bet of some sort. Are we happy about this? Maybe… it seems like a good use of peeps and maybe the only thing on this list I could consume without that many negative side effects. At least one would hope.

What’s really scary is the reference to their sister site, This isn’t active at the time of this posting, so be careful when visiting as the contents are completely unknown to me…

Sport Drink Conspiracy