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Peep Knuckles

When I get into a scuffle, around Easter Time, I always make sure I’ve got my Peeps On-Hand. Literally.

So soft and fluffy, they’ll make anyone want to turn the other cheek!

A yummy solution to any interpersonal difficulties, especially those which arise from consuming too many PeepDrinks…

Blue Peep-a-Rita

Blue Peep-a-Rita

Two parts margarita, one part blue curaçao, three parts stupidity.

“Laugh it up, fuzzball!”

Peepover Cure

Peepover Cure
  • One raw egg
  • Dash of hot sauce
  • Peep to keep you company
If you’ve enjoyed a few too many PeepDrinks, the next morning you’re likely to be looking for a cure.  And we have one!
Of course it’s best if the eggs are free range organic, and for the hot sauce I heartily recommend “Psycho Bitch” mango habañero, brand, with the tagline “PMS in a bottle”)
By the way, don’t actually try to take a shortcut and simply eat the habañero, else this may happen: http://youtube.com/?v=L8ip5oGlMfU. If you fancy the hot sauce, I recommend shopping FireGirl.com — this is not a paid endorsement, I just love the vendor!
"Peepover Cure", with Psycho Bitch

Click for Psycho Bitch