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100 Ways to Cook with Tequila

There is no better time to celebrate the wonders of tequila than mid-spring, that festive portion of the year when Cinco De Mayo comes to call! Cinco is the ideal excuse for a night of debauchery. However if you, like me, crave a year-round “south of the border” journey for your tastebuds without the shame spiral and permanent liver damage, these tequila-based recipes are just what the doctor ordered! That and some anti-cirrhosis pills. (Do they make those? They should. I’ll look into this for everyone. You’re welcome.) Ole!
Emily at

Great site, and all the better for featuring the Tequila Peeprise!

Does it concern anyone?

Does it concern anyone that is also promoting its (not it's) sister site Not that the new site is available yet, but does the world really need marshmallow animal porn? Oh wait, silly question.

For those with an adventurous side!

For those with an adveturous side .... Drinks made from peeps: (and to think that, not only recipies like this exist, but that someone actually created a website for it!)

Peep Etiquette

Proper Peeptini-drinking etiquette: Lick salt off hand Take swig of peeptini Throw peep over your left shoulder (repeat…er…repeep)
Lisa Bisa Bo Fisa

Traditional Easter Beverages

When you're talking traditional Easter beverages... you're talking PeepTini. (Thanks to Russell Mc)
Dave Barry

Thanks so much, Dave, for finding and sharing this ridiculous site I put up one night back in 2006… I’ve been a fan of your humor column since the ’90s, and if I knew you wrote about the site and got us all those visitors, I certainly would have kept it up over the years!  Aah, well, it’s back online now for 2011 (5-year anniversary).