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Ear Royale (Valentines Day option #2)

Ear Royale (Valentines Day option #2)
  • 5oz Champagne
  • 1tsp Crème de Cassis
  • 1 Pink Rabbit Peep

Just use the tiniest dash of Cassis; the currant syrup is so strong it can easily overpower the drink.  Best to first pour the Champers, then tilt the glass and gently let just about a half-teaspoon of it slide to the bottom.

Mixed properly, the colors should transition beautifully from the bottom to the top.

Normally I am of the Cult of the One True Peep (yellow chick), and I really don’t acknowledge Apocryphal False Peeps (other colors or animals)… but for V-Day I thought the Kir Royale was just too perfect a drink, and it needed a proper peep-friendly equivalent. (counterpeep?)

Enjoy!  And remember to send us your own inventions: http://peepdrinks.com/contribute

Peep Love (Valentine’s Day option #1)

Peep Love (Valentine’s Day option #1)

Equal Parts:

  • Hennessy
  • Alizé
  • Club Soda

Two pink peeps, stuck together

    Based on the noxious nightclub drink “Thug Love”, this one mystifies me.  Alizé, in case you aren’t familiar, is cheap brandy mixed with sticky-sweet fruit juice… sort of like a wine cooler, but with a special grade of liquor so awful even the homeless won’t drink it.  And then the drink is mixed with Hennessy?  (Some Henny is ok, but this drink is made from the very worst).

    So, it’s about as silly as mixing a “wine cooler” with wine.  No wonder they have to add the club soda to make it tolerable. I have no idea what “thug” would be caught anywhere near this drink, except maybe as the beginning of taking advantage of someone underage…

    Don’t try this one at home.  But at least the peeps are cute!