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We Have a Winner!!! (by a landslide…)

In the May 2011 PeepDrinks.com contest, “4 Gross of Peeps”, the final score results are in!

  1. Painkiller Peeps: 164

  2. Long Island Iced Peep: 41

  3. Peepo-De-Mayo: 34

  4. MicroPeeps: 24

  5. Bunniver’s Travels: 4

  6. Peepintine: 2

  7. Peeplemintz: 2

Congratulations to the winner:

PeepDrinks.com May 2011 contest winner: Painkiller Peeps, from 12BottleBar.com

PeepDrinks.com May 2011 contest winner: Painkiller Peeps, from 12BottleBar.com


So, exactly 576 Marshmallow Peeps, plus a bottle of booze, are now on their way to the folks at 12BottleBar.com who submitted this amazing entry voted highest by you, the readers of PeepDrinks.com!

The winning entry was actually not a recipe for a drink with marshmallow peeps, but a way to turn alcohol into marshmallow peeps! What will they think of next?  With four gross of peeps to experiment with, we can’t wait to see what they submit for our next contest!  Stay tuned…

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PeepDrinks Contest Ending in One Week!

We’re just one week away from the close of the first PeepDrinks.com Reader Submission contest!

Remember, vote by sharing on facebook or tweeting with an entry’s hashtags… You can browse all the entries at http://www.peepdrinks.com/category/reader-submissions/ — every “share” on facebook is worth 5 points, and every “tweet” is worth 2 points.

So far, the scores are:

Who will win?

The Painkiller Peeps (actually not “alcohol with peeps”, but a recipe for how to make peeps out of alcohol) is in the lead… But 2nd and 3rd place are just one tweet apart from each other!  Do you have an entry in the contest?  It’s not too late to enter, if you think you can get a lot of shares… and even though there’s no prize for 2nd or 3rd place, I wouldn’t be surprised if either one of them tried to pull ahead!

Good Luck to all, and remember, the winner gets a bottle of vodka plus 4 gross of peeps.  That’s 576 opportunities to start planning for the next contest…

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