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Peeps on the Barbie

Peeps on the Barbie

Ready for a nice long weekend? Bit of grilling, perhaps? BBQ? Juice up the old firepit? Toss some beef onto the heat? Stick an apple into a piglet’s mouth, and give it a few turns on the spit?

However you say it, we couldn’t help notice the popularity of last year’s “How to speak Australian” peepdrink… so we’ve been trying to figure out how to improve on it. All of a sudden, it hit us with a flash:

All food is better when served on a stick!

So here we go:

  • Take an unseparated row of peeps
  • Skewer it without mercy
  • Burn it like a horror movie

Enjoy with something light and refreshing!

Add a spike us trolley in

Add a spike us trolley in

Oops, was that supposed to be:

“Hit us peeps assed rail ya in?”


“Addle-pated braille eon?”

However you “speak Australian”, choose Fosters. Because it’s the kind of beer that can be improved by anything. Even peeps.

I mean, “This is the kind of beer that people who eat peeps would want to drink. with peeps. or something.”

Someone stop me before I get pwned by some big people.